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External Data Conference

November Nov 5 — The Times Center, NYC

Bridging investors and business intelligence with external data

EXDC is the world’s first External Data Conference bringing together leading minds in business, tech, media and sustainability to discuss the real-world use cases for alternative data. Topics will include ESG, labor markets, supply chains, product & retail trends, capital allocation, competitive intelligence, future of news and open data.

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1 Day,
25 Speakers,
250+ Attendees

Norman Niemer

Chief Data Scientist

Poppy MacDonald


Mark Gilbreath

Founder and CEO

Marta Lopata

Chief Growth Officer

Toby Wade

Director, Senior Research Analyst

Rajvir Madan

VP Digital, Data Analytics & Innovation

Amit Bhatti


Dan DeFrancesco

Senior Finance Editor

Saurabh Bhatnagar

Senior Data Scientist

Margaret Holen

Advisor and lecturer

Lisa Schirf

Former COO of the Data Strategies Group & AI Research at Citadel

Shoshana Wodinsky

Programmatic Reporter

Matt Daniels

CEO & Journalist Engineer

Kevin Maney

Columnist & Published Author

Marcos López de Prado

CIO of TPT & Professor of Practice

Joshua Fruhlinger


Jon Marino

Finance Editor

Corinne Post

Chair of the Department of Management

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The Times Center 242 West 41st St New York, NY 10036
The Times Center 242 West 41st St New York, NY 10036

Why Attend?

Meet data-driven investors, journalists and business intelligence officers and learn how the most innovative companies use external data to answer strategic questions about markets and consumer trends.

Investors Intelligence

With external data, investors now get a view into companies they never had before.

Retrospective on the evolution of alternative, external data industry as seen through the eyes of institutional investors. Panels and keynotes will feature elite investors, hedge fund managers, and data leaders.

• How do top investment banks track dozens of store locators to see retail expansion and produce differentiated research?

• How do leading venture capital firms use external data as a strategic asset to identify next unicorn startups?

• What’s the next frontier for alternative, external data?

Business Intelligence

With external data, operators now get holistic views of their industries

How external data-driven metrics help retail leaders, tech startups and consumer brands to measure their impact and analyze trends. Panels and keynotes from data scientists, corporate leadership, ESG experts and moderated by leading journalists.

• How does foot traffic as measured by social media, store location data, and even hiring trends tell you more than you know about your own business?

• How do business officers analyze labor markets with external data to attract top talent and minimize bias?

• How do companies and investors analyze supply chains’ impact on environment with external data?

Data-driven News

With external data, journalists and publishers tell stories behind numbers

We’ll host leading journalists to discuss the future of news in the age of big data and the business of breaking news in an era of data journalism. Top reporters and editors discuss data, and how it’s gathered, vetted, and reported on, and the way its changing the way we perceive what’s real versus what’s not to be trusted. Panels & keynotes brought to you by data-driven reporters and editors.

• Data-driven reporting is changing news, but what about the quality of the data itself?

• How innovative consumer brands use data story-telling?

What is external data?

Exteral Data Animation

External data is defined as “data outside of an organization’s internal database” coming from a broad array of public online sources, including company websites, social media, marketplaces, satellite imagery and government sources. External data becomes usable when structured and made available in a machine-queryable format. It is at this point that external data allows decision-makers to answer strategic questions about products, locations, footprints, consumer trends and labor markets.

External data is the X factor for companies looking for insights that drive further differentiation and competitive advantage.

According to Jennifer Belissent, Ph.D. PRINCIPAL ANALYST at Forrester, external data hunting is on the rise:

56% of decision-makers say their firms are expanding their ability to source external data; another 21% plan to do so in the next 12 months.

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