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EXDC is the world’s first external data conference bringing together leading minds in finance, business, design, media and sustainability to discuss real-world applications of external data.

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EXDC began in 2019 as a conference hosted by Thinknum at the Times Center in New York City.

Get closer to the truth with external data

EXDC unites leaders and data mavens to answer critical questions about our planet, government and economy with external data. We aim to educate, empower and develop multi-stakeholder partnerships that break industries’ silos and reveal unseen actionable insights.

What is external data?

External data is the X factor for companies looking for insights that drive further differentiation and competitive advantage.

External data is defined as “data outside of an organization’s internal database” coming from a broad array of public online sources, including company websites, social media, marketplaces, satellite imagery and government sources. External data becomes usable when structured and made available in a machine-queryable format. It is at this point that external data allows decision-makers to answer strategic questions about products, locations, footprints, consumer trends and labor markets.

Jennifer Belissent

Ph.D. Principal Analyst at Forrester

“56% of decision-makers say their firms are expanding their ability to source external data; another 21% plan to do so in the next 12 months.”

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As economic activity comes online, operators get holistic views of their industries with external data. In this report, we cover use cases of external, alternative data for corporate strategy, HR analytics, shared economy businesses and trend forecasting.